I’m compiling a masterlist of places to get reviews. (It’s not organized in any particular way.)

Do I do reviews? Maybe. I’ll take a look at your short stories (2000-7500 words) for free. I can’t guarantee a review and waiting times will vary. Send your digital files to with the subject “Review.” I’ll post on Amazon and Goodreads if I liked it. If I didn’t like it, I may email you an honest critique. I can still post a review if you want.

Disclaimer: a link does not mean an endorsement. This is just stuff I’ve found. If you think something should be added or removed, send me an email –

Prices are in USD whenever possible. Links and prices are subject to change. Information is current as of March 2016.

PAID REVIEWS (and a few other things)

Kirkus Indie Review

  • $425 (7-9 week wait) or $575 (4-6 week wait)
  • Reviews can be positive, negative, or neutral. Authors choose whether reviews get published.
  • Reviews are posted on their website, maybe in their magazine, and with affiliates (Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Google Books, and more)
  • Note: there’s a difference between a Kirkus Review and Kirkus Indie Review. Usually not to most people, just literary agents.

Foreword Review

  • $0
  • Submissions must include a fact sheet or press release. Digital files can be submitted but there must be a print version available. Submit 2 months before publication.
  • Reviews are included in their magazine.

Foreword Clarion Review

  • $500
  • Reviews can be positive, negative, or neutral (1 to 5 stars). Authors choose whether reviews get published.
  • Reviews are posted on their website, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Cengage, Bowker, and EBSCO.

Blue Ink Review

  • $400 (7-9 week wait) or $500 (4-5 week wait)
  • Authors choose whether reviews get published.
  • Reviews are posted on their website. Submitted books may be eligible for their “BlueInk Best Book Award.”

Foreward Clarion + Blue Ink package review

  • $700
  • Includes a Blue Ink review delivered in 4-5 weeks (normally $500) and a Clarion review delivered in 4-6 weeks (normally $500).
  • Reviews are posted on Blue Ink, Foreword Clarion, Ingram, Oasis, and iDream Books. Some reviews will be included in a magazine and/or more sites.

Reader’s Favorite

  • $0 for the first review (10-12 week wait) or $60 (2 week wait). Other options: $130 for 3 reviews (2-3 week wait) or $200 for 5 reviews (2-3 week wait)
  • Only 4-star and 5-star reviews are posted. Authors are given private feedback for 1/2/3-star reviews.
  • Reviews are listed on their site, along with Barnes & Noble and Google Books.

Indie Reader

  • $225 (5-9 week wait) or $300 (4-6 week wait)
  • Books with 4-star or 5-star rating get the author an additional interview.
  • Reviews are listed on their site, Ingram, and the Association of Independent Authors (AIA).

Self Publishing Review (SPR) review

  • Three options: $70, $140, or $300 (2-4 week wait)
  • Star rating if you spend $140/300, plus inclusion in their email newsletter.
  • Reviews are listed on their site and social media accounts. FAQ

Self Publishing Review (SPR) – packages

  • $900/$1000/$1800
  • SPR sends out your book to people until you have a certain amount of reviews and sales on Amazon. Amount varies depending on what package you select.

StoryCartel (publisher link here)

  • free for the first time you try it. $25 each time after (discounted with their subscription plan)
  • Reviews are not guaranteed although you’ll probably get at least one. This is basically like running a contest: you give away your book, and hope for reviews in exchange for downloads.

Awesome Indiesmanuscript appraisal

  • $0.0015 per word, plus a $50 administration fee. Includes a free sample line edit. ($163 for 75000 words.)
  • Reviews are not guaranteed (mostly dependent on your book quality). If your book “qualifies” and you do want a review, then you’ll likely get a positive review. In general this is for a private pre-publishing consulation, like a beta reading.


  • $400+
  • Reviews are not guaranteed, but they’re likely. This is more of a marketing and publicity tool than review source.
  • For more information see their FAQ, Wikipedia, and a Publishers Weekly article
  • Some people offer to list your book for you (for a fee). Examples include Digiwriting ($300)

Review Saint

  • $40 for 5+ reviews
  • For books doing a free/99c promotion.

Reading Deals (will have a price increase by the end of 2016)

  • $40 (10-15 Amazon reviews and 15 tweets)
  • $80 (10-15 Amazon reviews, “featured placement,” Facebook promotion, 45 tweets)

Choosy Bookworm

  • $125 (~15 reviews) or $299 (~25 reviews)
  • You’ll also have to pay Amazon gifting fees if you want a verified review there.


  • $40 to $2500 (pricing chart)
  • Reviews and sales are not guaranteed. You list your book and Bookbub sends out emails to people who might be interested in your book. Bookbub’s largest lists have over 3 million people subscribed.
  • You have to apply and there’s a high rejection rate. An author wrote about her BookBub experiences on the Huffington Post. (archive link)
  • (Personal notes: my first novel will be Fantasy. I’m in the USA so prices vary. If my book is accepted by BookBub, and it’s on a $0.99 promo, I pay $400. Their Fantasy list has about 1.5m people and the average book sells 1600 copies. That’s $1584 in sales. After I get my 35% royalty, I make $554 – so I’ll come out ahead. I’ll also gain reviews and fans, plus some newsletter signups of my own. Even for a free promotion, I spend $200 and don’t get any sales, but I get a lot of downloads. Bookbub’s average is 19,200)

The Indie View

  • $0
  • List of reviewers to individually contact.


Reading Addiction

  • $40 to $220 (1-25 reviews which can be positive or negative)
  • $25/50/100 (promotional book tour without guaranteed reviews)
  • Advertisements on the site are $5/week or more
  • $60 NetGalley listing

Publishers Weekly Select

  • $149
  • No actual review. You’re featured on two websites, a magazine (you get a copy of the issue you’re featured in), a weekly email newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter. You also get a temporary digital subscription to Publishers Weekly (normally $19-21 per month).

C.M. Wright Ads

  • free


How To Get Amazon’s Top Customer Reviewers To Review Your Book by Joanna Penn – reviewers and beta readers

Goodreads 2012 Independent Book Blogger Awards

Awesome Indies reviewer list (more here)

Indie Book Blogger (blogspot)

Midwest Book Review – print is free, digital is $50

The Kindle Book Review (also check here)

Blurb Trade – Note that trading reviews with other authors is sometimes discouraged by others. It’s run by Derek Murphy though, who knows his marketing stuff.

Will Marck – may be inactive.

Stuart Thaman – Send paperback or digitally (Amazon gift). Reviews not guaranteed and waiting time varies. (Expedited review: $15)




80+ sites to advertise your book by James Calbraith

How to get book bloggers to review your book by Michael J. Sullivan

Dos and Don’ts of getting reviews for your book by Michael J. Sullivan

Tips for writing back of the book marketing copy by Michael J. Sullivan

100+ ebook listing and review sites by John Kremer

Free sites to promote your ebook by GalleyCat


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